Prestige Birds Limited
supplying quality birds in UK & Europe DEFRA registered!
Breeding experience of more than 40 years!

Department For Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

DEFRA is a government body in the UK that is responsible for making policies and legislation. By working with others to ensure those policies are in place to help protect the environment, animal health and welfare among others areas of interest.

 Although DEFRA only work directly in England, they also work closely with the devolved administrations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and generally lead on negotiations in the EU and internationally.

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Mission Statement

Our vision and aim is simple and straight forward. Since the very beginning we have been supplying healthy birds from all over Europe to traders in the UK. Brian Brae has been breeding birds for more than 40 years, the experience we have gained in identifying the very best healthy birds and ensuring our customers receive the very best live stock available has grown our business through trust and honesty.

Our aim is now to bring the same level of customer service and a wide variety of live healthy birds to your door step! All of our transportation is carried out using the code and policies as set out by DEFRA to ensure that no harm is inflicted on the live stock we supply to either Europe or the UK.

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Surplus Stock

We are also very active in purchasing surplus stock of quality healthy birds.

Our business is running at a level that enables us to free breeders and traders of surplus stock.

We pay top prices for healthy birds and arrange transportation and collect at a time that is convenient for the seller.


So if you are a breeder or a trader and are looking for someone to take your surplus stock off your hands then please get in touch as we are highly interested in securing stock for our customers.

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