Bird Club Sponsorship

Transporting live birds for shows and events

2013 has proven to be a fantastic year for bird lovers and enthusiasts from all over Europe. It would appear that the recession has had almost no or very little effect on the industry and we are constantly keeping ourselves busy with customer orders and special requests!

This year we are already busy attending bird shows, expanding our network of bird traders and enthusiasts. Our love of birds and the industry just keeps on growing year after year adding to our already impressive 40+ years experience in this field.



We welcome new clubs who would like to discuss sponsorship for events or shows and disposal of surplus birds.



Live Stock Transportation

live birds for sales in london

Due to the extensive experience we have gained over the years we are constantly and carefully transporting live stock birds across Europe. Quite often you will find us trading in many of the European countries all year round according to DEFRA policy and legislation.



We offer a live stock transportation service for a very reasonable price.

Please feel free to contact Brian directly onĀ 07719928465.

Brian will be happy to discuss your requirements and can provide you with a quotation upon request.