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If you cannot find the birds you are looking for or if they are not listed below, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to source the species you are looking for.


Stock list updated 24th July 2023


European Finches


Gold Finches Pied Satinet Hens £375.00 ea
Pied CZ Siskins (stunning) £275.00 pr
Isabel Siskins £220.00 pr
Silver Pied Redpolls (DNA) £225.00 pr
Mutation Red Hooded Siskins (incl. Topaz, Diluted and Pastel) from £150.00 ea


Foreign  Finches

Green Singing Finches £120.00 pr
Diamond Firetails (normal) £75.00 pr
Fawn Hexs £55.00 pr
Gouldian Finches Blues £75.00 ea
Isabel Cherry Finches £65.00 pr
Cut Throats £60.00 pr
Normal Cherry Finches £55.00 pr
Lutino Goldians £120.00 pr
Star Finches (Pastel) £60.00 pr
Silver Diamond Firetails £95.00 pr
Bicheno Finches (Normal) £70.00 pr
Quail Finches £160.00 pr
Red Crested Finch (CK) £125.00 ea
Blue Pied Parrot Finches £90.00 pr
Red Faced Parrot Finches £90.00 pr
Yellow Parrot Finches £150.00 pr
Albino Cut Throat from £140.00 pr
Chestnut Breasted Finches £75.00 pr
Masked Grass Finches £75.00 pr
Green Twinspots £160.00 pr
Sea Green Parrot Finches £90.00 pr
Strawberry Finches £100.00 pr
Fawn Cut Throats  £85.00 pr
Western Bluebill Finches  £325.00 pr
Golden Song Sparrows  £125.00 pr
Orange Cheeked Waxbills  £95.00 pr
Lavender Finches  £140.00 pr
Owl Finches Fawn  £75.00 pr
Pied Redfaced Parrot Finches  £95.00 ea


Parrot Like

Lutino Galas (Cks and Hens) POA
Sun Cheek Conuer Hens £240.00 ea
Grey Green Opaline Plumheads £325.00 pr
Mutation Cockatiels from £55.00 ea
Lineolated Parakeets (all colours) from £35.00 ea
Dilute Pastel Plumheads (DNA Pair) £600.00 pr
Cinnammon Plumhead (Hen DNA) £200.00 ea
Adult Moustach Parakeets £375.00 pr
Derbyans (Hen) £175.00 ea
Swift Parakeets Hens £130.00 ea
Golden Gold Rosellas Cks £200.00 ea
Tasmanian Rosella £350.00 pr
Celestial Parallettes Mutation from £60.00 pr
Mutation Kakarikis from £45.00 ea
Sun Conuers (DNA) £675.00 pr
Mountain Parakeets £140.00 pr
Emma Conuers £350.00 pr
Crimson Bellied Conuers (young pair) £350.00 pr
Snow White Quaker Parakeets (DNA) £375.00 pr
Rose Crowned Conuers £350.00 pr
Hoffman Conuers (pair) £550.00 pr
Roseifrons Conuers £350.00 pr
Painted Conuers £475.00 pr
Cactus Conuers £1000.00 pr
Yellow fronted Spangled Kakaris £65.00 ea
Young Vinaeceous Amazon (Hen) (all paperwork in order) £525.00 ea
Musk Lorikeet (DNA Hens) £200.00 ea
Stella Lorikeet (CK) £425.00 ea


Soft Bills


Glossy Starlings £150.00 ea
Pekin Robins £300.00 pr
Red Vented Bulbuls (DNA) £250.00 pr



Various Lovebirds from £35.00 ea




Phaeo Canaries £60.00 pr
Norwich Canaries £75.00 ea
Yorkies £110.00 pr
Lizard Canaries including Blue £60.00 pr


prices are correct at time of publication however could be subject to change without notice.