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If you cannot find the birds you are looking for or if they are not listed below, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to source the species you are looking for.


Stock list updated 21st January 2022


European Finches


Gold Finches Pieds, White Tops, Agates etc from £225.00 ea
Pastel Black Headed Yellow Siskins £180.00 pr
Isabel Siskins £220.00 pr
Pied Siskins £165.00 ea
Bullfinches Whites, Yellows, Pastels, Pieds from £150.00 ea


Foreign  Finches

Red Headed Parrot Finches £85.00 pr
Diamond Firetails £70.00 pr
Aurora Finches £150.00 pr
Gouldian Finches from £60.00  pr
Fawn Cherry Finches £75.00 pr
Isabel Cut Throats £85.00 pr
Cuban Finches £75.00 pr
Fawn Hexs £55.00 pr
Java Sparrows (all colours) from £20.00 ea
Bengalese Finches (all c0lours) £8.00 ea
Blue Headed Parrot Finches £70.00 pr
Red Hooded Siskins £175.00 pr


Parrot Like

Mutation Monk Parakeets from £110.00 ea
Blue Pineapple Conuers (DNA) £150.00 ea
Lutino Plumheads (fantastic pair, unrelated) with DNA £2800.00pr
Albino Cockatiels £80.00 ea
Lineolated Parakeets (all colours) from £35.00 ea
Cinnamon Plumheads (proven pair) £425.00 pr
Gray Green Plumheads (DNA sexed) £135.00 ea
Unrelated Pair Slaty Heads (with DNA) £320.00 pr
Lutino Ringneck Ck (with DNA) £275.00 ea
Blue Pied Ringneck Hen (with DNA) £375.00 ea
Albino Ringnecks (DNA Hen) £275.00 ea
Adult Skyblue Hen Ringneck £275.00 ea
Rubino Rosellas £220.00 pr
Lutino Rosellas £220.00 pr
GMR’s White Wings, Pastel Split Black, Cinnamon Black, Blue  from £150.00 ea
Dilute Pastel Plumheads (unrelated young pairs with DNA) £950.00 pr
Whiteface Pied Albino Cockatiels £75.00 ea
Moustached Parakeets Hens £175.00 ea


Soft Bills


Blue Eared Glossy Starlings (DNA sexed Hens) £175.00 ea
Pekin Robins £330.00 pr
Amethyst Starlings £425.00 pr
Blue Eared Glossy Starlings (DNA sexed Pair) £350.00 pr
Pergoda Starlings  (Proven Pair) £350.00 pr



Various Lovebirds  from £45.00 ea




Red Mosaic Canaries £65.00 pr
Pheo  Canaries £60.00 pr
Yorkies £120.00 pr
Gold Mosaics £60.00 pr
Border Canaries £50.00 pr
Red Factors £60.00 pr
Lizard Canaries £60.00 pr




Good Quality Exhibition Budgies (all colours available) from £15.00 ea

prices are correct at time of publication however could be subject to change without notice.