Current Stock

If you cannot find the birds you are looking for or if they are not listed below, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to source the species you are looking for.


Stock list updated 8th September 2020


European Finches


Pied Siskins £275.00 pr
Pied Redpolls (pairs) £225.00 pr
Black Headed Yellow Siskins £150.00 pr
White Bullfinches (stunning) £325.00 pr
Yellow Pastel Bullfinches Hens £200.00 ea
Yellow Bullfinches £260.00 pr
Brown Pastel Bullfinches £300.00 pr
White Cks £160.00 ea


Foreign  Finches

Parson Finches £50.00 pr
Cut Throat Finches £50.00 pr
Gouldians (all colours) (from) £60.00 pr
Silver Diamond Sparrows £75.00 pr
Masked Grass Finches £65.00 pr
Orange-cheeked Waxbills £50.00 pr
Normal Bichenos £50.00 pr
Diamond Firetails £60.00 pr
Red-headed Parrot Finches £75.00 pr
Fawn Bichenos £55.00 pr
Blue Faced Parrot Finches £65.00 pr
Cherry Finches £45.00 pr
Hex Grass Finches £40.00 pr
All Australian and African Finches can be sourced to order


Parrot Like


Yellow Crowned Amazons (Adult Pair) £700.00 pr
Young Red Lored Amazon (17 weeks old, parent reared) £475.00 ea
Blue Pied Pennants £125.00 ea
Albino Pennants £140.00 ea
Pr Many Coloured £135.00 pr
Crimson Wings (adult pair) £325.00 pr
Derbyans (proven pair) £400.00 pr
Lutino Rosellas £180.00 pr
Rubino Rosellas £200.00 pr
Jendaya Conuer £225.00 ea
Kings (adult breeding pair) £425.00 pr
Blue Pied Ringnecks (DNA) £250.00 ea
Palladino Quakers £95.00 ea
Snow White Quakers £175.00 ea
Orange Rubino Redrumps £110.00 pr
GMR Rosellas (split white ck x blue opaline hen) breeding pair £225.00 pr
Meeley Rosellas £145.00 pr
Cockatiels (all colours) (from) £30.00 ea
Swift Parakeets £65.00 ea
Rosa and Rubina Bourkes (from) £30.00 ea
Rock Pebblers (breeding pair) £150.00 pr
various mutation ring necks inc. Violets, WH WT, Lacewings (from) £150.00 ea
POWs Blues (pair)  £200.00 pr
Alexandrines (breeding pair) £425.00 pr
Moustached Parakeets (breeding pair) £300.00 pr
Red Throated Conuers (DNA Hens) £325.00 ea
Cobalt Parakeets £275.00 pr
Crimson Bellied Conuers (breeding pair) £300.00 pr
Kakarikis (from) £30.00 ea


Soft Bills


Red-vented Bulbuls £285.00 pr
Pekin Robins £235.00 pr



Various Mutations (from)                                        £25.00 ea
                                 Fischers, Black Masked, Peach-Faced
Abyssinan £110.00 pr




Contest Rollers         £55.00 pr
Red Factors  £55.00 pr
Red Mosaics £60.00 pr
Recessive Whites £30.00 ea
Gold Mosiacs £55.00 pr
Dutch Frills £50.00 pr




Good Quality Exhibition Budgies (all colours available) from £15.00 ea

prices are correct at time of publication however could be subject to change without notice.